You know how sounds in a city (the subway, dogs barking, conversations etc.) become drowned out? How they

become sort of a white noise? How you are hearing them and not listening but are still being affected by them? I

wanted to emulate that with the album.


The album has a spectrum of elicited feelings (peaceful to aggressive). I want you to feel the emotionality of a

particular track without listening to it. I hope to subconsciously affect your perception of the photos. For example, 

looking at a photo during an aggressive track would be different than looking at a photo during a peaceful track.


The combination of the audio, to create a ‘silence’ and to subconsciously affect emotions, and people’s individual

experiences with cities, allows the show to be uniquely reflective and personal. Every picture will be looked at 




It’s difficult to be consistently present. Cities produce visual, sonic and, emotional stimuli that can be excessive.

This can induce alienation from our environments. I wanted to contest that mindset and promote cognizance with

 this exhibition.


The photos are of overlooked subjects. The audio’s silence and the minimal composition of the photos emphasize

their significance. Every bus, street light and building are important. Every piece of infrastructure is an integral part

of urban function. These photos allow you to look at something mundane, known, and from a new perspective, 

appreciate it’s innate worth.



Similar to how people operate in an urban environment, the uniqueness of the person is captured through the

participants’ experience of the exhibition. The objects in the photos exist in Urban Solitude but all of their parts are

deeply important. A society with weak connections towards its urban environment is a society with weak

connections between its people. If we can change our perception of the objects in the photos, it can subvert the

alienation we have towards the environments we are a part of. Therefore, we can also subvert the alienation that 

exists between people and promote empathy, the Urban Solitude that was created is then broken down.